Third anniversary cheesecake

Another year here at la tavola has passed. So just recently, we had a little impromptu 3rd anniversary party.

A. Dessert. Party.

Nothing over the top, just some sweet little bites, a cookie tray and one large pumpkin cheesecake with some whisky scented cream. All washed down, of course,with espresso and a little liqueur.

What good is cake is you can't share it with those that inspire and motivate you? So, I'll post more on the cake soon. For now, here is a photo of Alexandra taken earlier this year. The view is from THE clock that I photographed on la tavola's 2nd anniversary. You can see the Shaky Bridge Café and William Hill vineyard immediately below as well as the Manuherikia River leading to the mighty Clutha. Across the latter is the main street of Alexandra wines, Earnclueugh Road.

Alexandra is a gorgeous town and I highly recommend anyone travelling in the area not to by-pass this nugget of Central gold. If you're headed that way, I'm more than happy to pass on any info from tips on where to eat, the wonderful wine, the characters who grow it and the fabulous walking/biking trails.

Grazie mille for joining me at la tavola for another year!


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