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oxtail ragu

Oxtail is one of those 'poorer cuts' of beef that seems to be more readily available in supermarkets and at a much higher price than it once was.  I like to buy it when the local market butcher has them in, making it more of a special occasion dish.   Leave the cheekmeat for pies and the marrow bones for risotto, oxtail (coda di bue) makes a spectacularly unctuous and hearty ragu - perfect for warming you up after a brisk autumn day cleaning up the garden or after a skate in the backyard rink.    
We like it on more substantial pastas, homemade cavatelli or gnocchi but, like all our other favourite sauces, it appears most frequently on homemade filej.  I've also used it in lasagna and, of course, oxtail is very much at home on soft polenta.

Recipes for 'Coda di bue in umido' vary little from one region to the next and that is the beauty about this sauce - it's simple to put together and can be customized to taste.  And, like most long simmered sauces, most of…

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