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Flour power - Tumminia!

A few years ago, at Terra Madre, I attended a discussion on Biodiversity and grains that piqued my interest in the lost seeds of Tumminia (or Timilia) durum wheat.  You can follow the link to find out what makes it so special and why it is in need of protection afforded under Slowfood's Ark of Taste.
It makes clear and total sense to me that someone, somewhere in Italy, where regional/national dishes seem to revolve around pasta, would have milling knowledge to produce flour that, in turn, produces great pasta.  Makes even more sense that there would have been regions that grew unique or indigenous varieties of wheat that may have been widely planted at one time but were not, for various reasons, commercialized in modern times and that those varieties would make pasta or bread that is reminiscent of a different era.  Varieties that are as agriculturally and historically as significant as the Valle Dei Templi.

Since Terra Madre, I've read more about Tumminia, about the people…

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