Cauliflower risotto

While cauliflower seems an unlikely suspect (read: beige and boring) for a risotto, it is a very tasty addition.  I was reminded of this while browsing Jamie's Italy on-line the other day and decided to use up the latest harvest for this very purpose: Mr. Oliver's recipe for cauliflower risotto

For variation, I have added a little roasted cauliflower for a deeper flavour and have tried using a Romanesco cauliflower, as the recipe suggests, with good results as well.  For the pangrattato, please make it.  I know the ingredients are a seemingly odd combination of strong flavours but, sprinkled over this risotto, they provide a burst of umami in every bite.  Depending on your chilli preferences, add them to taste.  My chilli plant is quite firey so I eased up on them a bit but still used enough to get that earthy chilli flavour essential to a pangrattato.  If you aren't into heat, try using less, combined with the anchovies it is pleasantly pungent but not over the top hot.

Risotto is a seasonal favourite in the cooler months.  It complements all autumnal vegetables and its creamy consistency makes the perfect comfort food.  Despite cauliflower's 'reputation' for being difficult to grow, I have managed (huzzah) and, this year, grown some prime specimens.  Happy days.



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