Another anniversary

My, how time flies.. Today marks the second year of writing here at la tavola. Not as monumental as, say, a 50th Wedding Anniversary.. but still worth a mention. And at 155 posts, it isn't as busy around here as it is in some kitchens.. but I get in my fair share of mixing, baking, braising and other therapeutic culinary pursuits.

We also received a call last evening from a good friend visiting from Verbania. So a bit of a celebration dinner tonight, pasta of course, and a few glasses of wine..



Barbara said…
Well done on two years. Keep up the good work. Loving your posts. You've had some great fun and good food while I was away. LOve the sound of the wine festa. Wish I was there. Did your parcel and poster arrive?
Mary said…
Welcome home Barbara,
Thank you on all counts. Everything arrived, nephew rapt with poster.
San Martino is a Calabrese version of Beaujolais Nouveau, if you will. It's interesting, if nothing else, and I'd be more than happy to set an extra place for you next year.
Anonymous said…
Happy anniversary!
How time has flown - remember the smashed olives?
Nigel said…
Woohoo! Two years old - well done, young lady! Yours is a fantastic blog and well worth a look every time, so buon compleanno (god, I really hope that's Italian for "happy birthday" and not "a curse on your goats")!
Mary said…
Thank you Anon,
Lol.. smashing olives! I could I forget? Hope you are still using that beautiful, yet practical, jar and smashing happily.

And thank you Nigel,
You're right.. but in case you're practising 'stregoneria', I'm going to keep an eye on Zipangulu :-)
Paul Sharp said…
Well done Mary
creampuff said…
Happy blog birthday, Mary!

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