Siamo arrivato!

Like I remembered, southern Italy even smells warm. With the window down, warm warm air and sun in my face, we left Lamezia Terme and made our way south.

Inhaling the smell of sunshine and of a place that doesn't see a serious winter, the sunbaked earth, rock, never distant ocean and fields of growing things give Calabria its intoxicating perfume. This year, all was green thanks to an abundance of rain and the tomatoes, among so many other things, were ready.

This dish is one of ease and simple flavours. Hour old potatoes, garden warm eggplant (aubergine), peppers, onion, garlic, tomatoes and herbs dressed in fragrant, buttery Calabrese olive oil make for a great fry up. Some homemade salami and fresh bread complete the meal.

Pass the cirò!


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