I heart gazzosa

Not your ordinary Italian soda.

I love gazzosa.

Distinctly and intensely flavoured with the limone dfusato dio amalfi, this is indeed a national treasure and as such has been designated as a Slow Food Presidia (Biodivesity). Does it make it taste any better? For me, definitely. Because I know the protection afforded to these lemons by the Foundation means that they will be available for many years of enjoyment in the future.

The chinotto is also very tasty.

More bits (in Italian) on Lurisia Gazzosa and Chinotto here.


Barbara said…
How are you Mary. I hope the Italian trip went well.
Arthur said…
who is the Importer for the Chinotto and gazzosa
Mary said…
Hi Barbara, All is well and Italy, while lovely, was a long trip with a wee one. Hope all is well with you and yours.

Hi Arthur, Thanks for stopping by.
Far as know, Lurisia only exports their water and possibly a beer. As for the gazzosa, you've got to go to Italy for that. Buona fortuna!
tapl said…
Hi- My name is Tanya and I found your post looking up "Lurisia". I buy my Gazzosa drinks at Eataly in NYC. They are amazing!
Mary said…
Hi Tanya,
Thanks for stopping by.. there is nothing like a good Italian soda or gazzosa for taking the edge off thirst when the mercury soars. Hoping to make it to NY Eataly sometime in Autumn. Hope you are keeping cool in NYC!

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