San Giorgio

This is San Giorgio (Saint George). The Saintly reason we've traveled to San Giorgio Morgeto in late July is because the Feast of this patron Saint and San Giacomo is typically held on the last Sunday of the month. Last year was different and it was moved to the 15th of August to run consecutively with that holiday.

The day (or in this case, evening) starts with a mass and a procession where the statues of the Saints are paraded around town. Not so simple considering that these Saintly statues are HEAVY and the town is on a fair incline. After 6pm mass, it was well after dark when San Giorgio made his second pass of the fontana.

If you've been to Italy in the summer months, you know all about the local festivals. If you haven't actually been to one, you've likely heard it. No Italian city, town or commune would dream of a festival without fireworks.

As luck would have it, we also enjoyed the local music festival and the Medieval Festival. The former celebrating local performers and few from overseas and the latter celebrating the Medieval history of the city and the culture, food, traditions and pastimes of that era.

More on the Medieval festival later..


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