Subite and not a moment too soon.

Here at la tavola, we like our beer. As for a definition of that beer.. let's just say that we are very happy that the art of the grain and little green plants extend far beyond the realm of mainstream brews.

And should you be able to get your hands on any of the lambics (gueuze, faro, or fruit styles), you'll clearly see, as well as taste, that there is beauty in diversity. Personally, while not a session contender for me, this kriek (cherry) brew is a bright and flavourful, fruity and slightly tart multi-purpose gem. It does a beauty job to stimulate the appetite as an aperitivo of sorts, accompanies any food where a rosé might be suggested, and it could easily be enjoyed when the cheese course is brought out.

Or quite simpy, when something refreshing is in order.



As long as the Kriek isn't to sweet I reckon its a fantastic match for full flavoured brie or camembert.
Mary said…
Hi Kieran,
I find this only slightly 'fruit sweet' but with that tart edge that keeps it all in check. And thank you for the wonderful suggestion. I've got a gorgeous camembert in the cupboard, a good excuse to have another tonight.

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