Formaggio a casa

Making ricotta at home is the teeniest bit of work but, with planning and organisation, not that difficult. In any case, it is well rewarded with fresh warm ricotta.

Disclaimer: technically NOT cheese, ricotta (means re-cooked, referring to the whey) is essentially the leftovers from cheesemaking.  In a nutshello, rennet in the cheesemaking process separates casein from whey proteins. Recall Miss Muffet and her curds and whey?  The whey is heated and acidified to coagulate the whey proteins and ta-dah! Ricotta.

While there are many things I could do with it, some fresh fruit and a drizzle of honey would be an easy brekky or dessert, straining the whey and making any number of sweets, pastries or savoury pasta fillings.. ricotta is a delicacy that lend itself to so many applications.

But, for me, the best accompaniment to fresh ricotta is a spoon.



Barbara said…
I'm planning on making ricotta sometime soon.

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