Wanna share a Vailima?

A few short days ago, this was the view from my front doorstep (if you can say that an open beach fale actually has a doorstep). The waters edge was never more than 10 paces from where my feet first hit the floor every morning for a week. I so miss that.

Now while I didn't grow up in the tropics, the water was never far away and having it so close is still comforting to me. As a child growing up in a small town on the Northern Atlantic coast, the foghorn was, all too often, the last thing I heard as I drifted off to sleep. Not so here. The weather was nothing short of glorious and with the only things to worry about being 1) properly covered with suncream and 2) being able to consume a bottle of Vailima before it gets warm.. it was a welcome break indeed.

As much as I appreciate the warm weather, keeping warm is fun too. Prior to my migration toward the equator, I spent two weeks driving around my favourite place on earth, the South Island. While autumn is a cooler time of year to be travelling on the mainland, it can be spectacular.

Just like Samoa has spoiled my enjoyment of bananas FOREVER, the South Island has spoilt me for many things as well. The seafood, the local beer, the views, Central and Waipara wines and the experience of all these combined (in front of a warming fire) with good company, are the things that memories are made of.

More on my autumn travels to come.



So Simple said…
I'll be thinking of you while I am sipping a Hinano at the end of the week.
Glad you had a lovely time in the tropics.
We obviously like the same things.
Mary said…
Thank you Gilli, we did have a great time on our adventure. The weather was perfectly warm, the water.. heavenly.
I suspect much the same in Tahiti, no?
Buon viaggio!

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