My stracciatella was a beautiful deep golden yellow thanks to saffron.. and as I promised yonks ago, you can find the recipe here, courtesy of AGT magazine. I used more cheese though and, although the recipe called for Parmigiano reggiano, I used Grana.

Grana padano is usually a much better bargain over the frightfully expensive Parmigiano Reggiano. I won't say they are one and the same but Grana will still give good flavourful results in cooking. If you're shaving it to top carpaccio or feature in an equally special dish, I'd splurge on the real thing. Just don't be tempted to use domestic parmesan. Domestic parmesan or 'grating cheese' is nothing like either Grana or Parmigiano and if there is a place for it to be used, it isn't in this soup.

Hope everyone is settling into late autumn and the co-requisite comfort food with abandon!


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