Been there

Done that.

In contrast to the tropical picture of a few posts ago, this was not the warmest location. But a beautiful one.

The wind carried mist of the pounding surf and the desolate feel and colour of the day made a nip of Vecchia Romagna taste very good indeed. And given the coming forecast, perhaps a prerequisite!

Stay warm everyone!


Nigel said…
Mary! How are you? How's the thesis? I'm on holiday so I'll be catching up on my sorely neglected little blog over the next two weeks. I'll email you soon with what I've been up to.
Mary said…
Hiya Nigel,
I'm well thank you. Thesis completion however, is still a few weeks off. Editing and formatting.. Motivation: The Laurent Perrier is chilling :-)
Stoke the coals, get in some comfort cooking, some gorgeous local wines and enjoy your holiday! Look forward to your email and hearing all about your adventures on Curious Kai as well.


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