Tomato consommé and tequila

If you've been watching Jamie at Home, be it for inspiration for your garden's bounty or your next market visit, you know that he's finally getting to relax a bit. With his budding green thumb, he's been paying homage to all the usual suspects: tomatoes, courgettes, lettuce, onions, beans, carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, and a Jamie favourite, chilles.

In the tomato episode, Jamie made a beautful chilled consommé. Fresh basil, vinegar, vodka, horseradish, and garlic added to well seasoned tomatoes blended and filtered through muslin to a serene paleness. Coloured with a slice of beetroot, it was pretty too. I look forward to trying this soon but, my Mexican flavour tendencies (and a good bit of ready to consume cilantro) made for an easy adaptation.

Basically, it's a jazzed up version of pico di gallo. To a base of dark heirloom tomatoes, I added onion, cilantro, a little finely diced chilli, lime juice, s&p, a smashed clove of garlic, and, instead of vodka, a shot of nice tequila. I let the mixture set for the tomatoes to release all their juices and for the flavours to mingle. Then, no egg white fining required, a quick whiz with a stick blender and into a cloth to drain.. this zesty scented mixture was getting my appetite going already.

Although not that glorious beetroot borrowed pink, it wasn't a completely unappetising colour. I'll definitely try the beetroot trick at some point but for now, a few wee floating cilantro flowers lend their delicate beauty.


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