in the woods...

Foraging for mushrooms is a favourite pastime of my father-in-law and I am more than happy to 'tag' along. Among younger family members, being asked to go along is like being invited to high tea with the Queen. Even on those occasions, where it can get a bit chaotic, it is a relaxing and still fulfilling wander even if the mushrooms elude our knives and baskets.

Where do mushrooms hide?

Well, this wee puffball and friends like to grow in the vicinity of these moss covered trees. There were several good sized ones in the area and, unfortunately, a few that were a little past their prime. That's ok, there are still a few trips left in the season and hopefully there will be more treasures waiting for us amidst the fallen leaves of the damp cool forest floor.


Nigel said…
When I lived in Indiana, we used to go mushroom hunting too! I can't remember what they were but it was so much fun.
Anonymous said…
Redhill, near Mornington is a great place for mushrooms, and near to Red Hill Cheese - just in case you want to top the mushrooms with some gorgeous cheese
Mary said…
Hi Nigel,
It is good fun and a bit of a game as well! Who can find the first mushroom, who gets the most..etc. There isn't the variety here that there used to be where my parents live.. the berries and mushrooms (and a prime beaver habitat!) there are being paved under in the name of progress (i.e. a large oil refinery) in their backyard. Makes me cry to think about it.
And Hello Anonymous Aussie,
Thank you for your wonderful suggestion! (And making my mouth water for the agricultural treasures of Victoria!) Cheese almost always makes me feel better. Whether it's a Saturday omelette stuffed to the gills with sautéed mushrooms, herbs and cheese (perhaps a local farmhouse cheese or a posh taleggio..) or a simple snack of mushrooms and cheese on toast, it's restorative stuff.

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