Cinquanti anni fa..

Today is the anniversary of a wedding that took place in San Giorgio Morgeto, Calabria, 50 years ago.

It wasn't a wedding of today's proportions, rather a country wedding of the day, done simply (which was the same as properly). About 2 weeks prior, the Groom-to-be and the Father of the Bride went door to door, the groom was presented, stated his intentions and guests were invited personally.

On the day (10 am), the entire family and wedding party, groom included, walked from the Bride's home to the church. With people joining the procession as it passed their house.

I would like to know what they were thinking in these pictures and if they had any inkling of where life would take them. A nephew of the groom in attendance that day said he can recall nothing but the cookies (various amaretti, biscotti and pastries), picked up from the bakery that morning.

While I am learning to fathom what it might feel like to be 50 years old.. I've got a few years to go but it is not unimaginable, I am still incredulous at this couple who have been together 50 years as husband and wife.

Buon Cinquantesimo Anniversario! Tanti auguri!

Foto: Giacomo Zurzolo, S. Giorgio Morgeto (RC) 1957


Ivonne said…
What a beautiful tribute, Mary! And what a lovely couple!
Mary said…
Thank you Ivonne, they are still quite the pair!

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