A Prince Edward Picnic

We've been on a road trip through Eastern Canada and picnicing across Ontario, Québec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  Along the way, we've enjoyed enough tomato salad to satisfy all my cravings until the vines are again laden with these jewels of summer.  With some crusty bread (to clean the bowl of its oils and juices!) and a few slices of pecorino to finish the glass of local Sandbanks Estate Baco Noir, our picnic was complete.

Tomato salad is a summer staple and a much-harped about dish here at la tavola. But if you think summer tomatoes are all about salad, wait until sauce season (which is nearly here) !

So if we aren't too late for Festa al Fresco, we'd love to share our Prince Edward county picnic with you.

Thanks to Ivonne and Lis for hosting another great party!


Lis said…
Better late than never.. especially when you are bringing a gorgeous tomato salad! :)

Thank you so much for joining us at the Festa!!

Ivonne said…
Sounds delightful, Mary!

So glad that you could make it!
Mary said…
Hi Ivonne and Lis,
Looking forward to the party so we can all relax a bit from making sauce (at least until the grapes arrive)!
For your comments and hard work on la Festa, thank you!

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