A busy time of year..

When it rains it pours, the saying goes. And so it has this past few weeks. On one hand, all those tomatoes have to be preserved (aka doing the tomatoes) and Ivonne knows how much work that is. She has posted the best idea that I have heard in a long time. I'll be over in a heartbeat if there is some of that cake left.

Although they seem to have center stage, it isn't ALL about tomatoes.. other garden goodies are ready and need tending to. These peppers are drying for their spicy contribution to the salami in January, eggplants are undergoing a slow, salted and pressed transformation to their preserved state, and I am awaiting the cooler weather to begin the harvest of rapini and other lettuce.

For as much work as this time of year can be (and it'll be flat out around here for awhile yet), it is as much a social event as anything else. And we know that honouring these traditional methods brings us together today and will again over meals throughout the winter.


Ivonne said…
For you I'll gladly make a fresh one!!!
Mary said…
Thank you Ivonne, and for the great idea as well.. we usually end a 'tomato night' with an espresso (except for a few Peronis fireside last week during that 30C evening!) so given the cooler nights of late, I might just put a sweet treat on the agenda.

A fresh one eh? My knife is packed!
Shaun said…
Mary - The peppers look glorious as they hang in the window. You've already got eggplants?? Wow...things move quickly in your part of the country. I thought they had their heyday in Summer, at least that is the only time I've seen and had them.

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