A warming bottle of Wisharts Basket Press collection, Cabernet Franc Merlot was a great acompaniment to our dinner.

The wine however, ended up stealing the show with its huge presence. A very spicy earthy nose and the warming aromas buoyed on alcohol (at 14%). This deep garnet hued wine is drinking very well but may have still not been as accessible without decanting an hour before dinner and certainly became more open as we savoured it for an hour afterward.

Plummy, minty, peppery, full of dried herbal notes, the bouquet contained a mild hint of coffee and vanila with tobacco nuances as well. It was, at opening, a wee bit hot but waned after the hour and revealed its ripe blackcurrant fruit and some faint caramel flavours.

As much as another bottle tonight would make a suitable drop for the roast I am preparing, we'll let the remainder rest for awhile yet..


Barbara said…
Are you still in NZ Mary? Nice to see you posting again.

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