Milungiane Chjine

Taste this!

Milungiane chjine, melanzane ripiene, or stuffed eggplant/aubergine is a treat no matter how you say it. And I certainly couldn't tell it better than the author of the recipe I will pass on for these delectable fried goodies.

Recipe for Stuffed eggplant: Treasured family recipe from Cream Puffs in Venice.



Kristina said…
Great--you made these too! I tried Ivonne's amazing recipe too, and familiarized myself with a new type of amazing cheese in the process. Did you drink beer with them? What did you eat to accompany them if anything?
Is your name for this dish in Sicilian dialect? I am guessing it is--how fun! I am growing to love certain aspects of the dialect, and Antonio recently introduced me to a contemporary Sicilian music group that sings in dialect called "Tintoria"--have you heard of them? Their music is quite catchy, and all the more interesting for being in dialect. Try downloading the songs "Luna," or "Occhi a pampina" or "Strunz" which is really funny. Happy September!
Mary said…
Hi Kristina,
Yes, Crotonese is amazing. When aged, it is the definite flavour of the Southern cooking I am familiar with.
Beer is the bevanda of choice with these all summer.. wine as cooler weather sets in and if they are served with a meal. We actually add meat to ours.. ground pork shoulder and maybe a bit of beef (like a meatball recipe) that cooks up surprisingly light-ish with the other ingredients.
The name is from a small Calabrian town dialect. So not far away!
I will have to check out the music you mention.. I do like the regional tunes and have found a few recordings of older folk music from Calabria, some so old that even my suocero (at 76) says it is molto vecchio!


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