Fig Finale

The amount of care our wee fig tree requires would make the average person scratch their head.. but it is a labour of love.

After a summer of delightful figs, the weather turns colder and to survive, the tree is dug up and buried. The root ball is wrapped and the entire tree gingerly placed in the ground. Winter snow covers the earth leaving no trace of what lies beneath the surface, awaiting spring.

Once the risk of frost has passed, typically Easter weekend, another resurrection occurs. The fig tree is unearthed and again upright.

Growth under these conditions is slow and every fig, that ripens in the relatively short growing season, is revered. So special is that first fig, whoever gets to partake of it often has grounds for bragging rights.

This pale green beauty with a hint of mauve... and her partner, prosciutto di Parma, on the table signifies the season and soon we will bid adieu.

fino alla primavera prossimo..


Emma said…
Thanks for your entry to DMBLGIT - have a look at all the entries here :

All I can say is wow! I had no idea that you have to care for fig trees so much - or is that just in places with very cold winters?
Mary said…
Figs will grow in cooler climes, depending on the varietal, but need that southern exposure in the growing season! Any place where the winter is cold enough for rogue snow or freezing rain, there is risk of losing the deliate branches (especially when the tree is small) so bush pruning (or moving a potted tree indoors) is necessary. It seems ridiculous sometimes, so much effort for a bushel at best, but when they can be left on the tree to full ripeness (until the bit of 'honey' drips from the end of the fig), that taste is worth every minute.
Mary said…
And thank you for hosting DMBLGiT..

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