Into April

April already and I have not posted anything for over a month. Barbara from winosandfoodies has already given me a scolding for my absence. However, I don't imagine it was a stern scold after seeing her delightful picture in this month's edition of Taste magazine.

Thesis writing is full on work and I hope to complete this life chapter and get back in the swing of things, updating blog and visiting others' sites regularly. I only get a few minutes for the odd blog related project which is just never enough time to finish!

So I am definitely not starving. There has been baking with ginger, more feta, blue and ewe's milk cheese tastings (from Te Mata cheese and Talbot Forest) and a few new wines on the list. There was a Parmigiano-Reggiano fiesta and fruit salad galore with seasonal NZ offerings, feijoas, passionfruit and deep purple peaches.

Even in one month, there is so much that I don't know if promising to finish writing each piece is feasable. But there will definitely be an update.

Autumn is a great time to be cooking in New Zealand with the wonderful weather we have been having.. but never fear, comfort food days will be here soon enough.

Have a wonderful autumn everyone.


Barbara said…
Welcome back. I'm looking forward to your Autumn posts.
Mary said…
Thank you Barbara, and for the kick in the pants. Always nice to know you are missed :)
I anticipate yours as well.
Great to see you back, Mary! It's been WAY too long...

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