Buona Pasqua

"Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi" means "Spend Christmas with your family and Easter with whomever you wish".

Easter was celebrated with my flatmate around Mt. Egmont, however, not just in the vicinity of the mountain. Walking around it (to be precise). Not sure of actual kilometers yet, I'll have to confirm that based on our route. What a spectacular weekend walk. We held a pleasant pace even though we finished in 2 and a half days. We were out by lunch on the third day after only 3 and a half hours tramping.

'Tramping' is hiking to anyone from North America. But it was not a leisurely hike I was on, tramping is a more adequate descriptor.

It certainly required a good level of exertion, with some incredible climbs. A good puff required to get up the Fantham's peak track to access the upper level Around the Mountain Circuit (AMC).


When you are burning up those kind of calories, you have to eat. But tramping is all about what you can carry and although the caffetiera gets to go (coffee essential), most of the other ingredients for a typical meal do not.

Longer trips require lightweight freeze dried meals but for a short trip, I take semi-dried fruits, almonds and oatmeal for breakfast. Some condensed soups and energy bars to get through the day and pasta with a retort package of pre-made sauce is the tea of choice. After 7-8 hours walking, it isn't ideal but replenishes lost energy.

Strange that thinking. Eating solely for nourishment as opposed to enjoyment. Don't get me wrong, after that kind of day, it tastes mighty fine but is considerably different from what I would say that I enjoy. For overall dining pleasure though, the view definitely counts for something.

All in all, a wonderful weekend. And I really enjoyed the chocolate courtesy of Bernadette's mum after lunch on Sunday. Chocolate is the quintessential Kiwi treat and tramping snack so, after having made my lenten sacrifice of chocolate, it was a welcome dessert indeed.

Hope everyone's Easter holiday was wonderful.

Now, where's the Nutella?


Barbara said…
My tip for tramping - decant your wine into plastic drink bottles.
Mary said…
I need so little encouragement Barbara.. I did take a little bottle of Shiraz, for my dinner on New Years Eve on the Dusky track. And a small pottle of DiSaronno for the "morning after" New Year's coffee.

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