Sometimes the simplest of recipes are the best treat and Nacatole are one of those traditional Calabrese cookies that are, in my opinion, a 'must try' whenever you are fortunate enough to visit Calabria.  I was gifted an enormous tray of these cookies by a dear family friend when visiting Calabria nearly two years ago and, most recently, a lovely bag of them appeared in Canada courtesy of my suocera's cousin.  Given the state of air travel today (and the cost of checked cases), I'd have been grateful for one cookie smuggled over in cling film.

Nacatole aren't sweet or spiced.  Rather, they let the flour, eggs and oil shine in their distinctive ladder shape.  Baked to a crunchy, espresso dunkable consistency, they are a nice way to cap off a meal or, with fruit and yoghurt, a good start to the day.


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