Jewels of summer

Mellow yellow.
It has definitely been a great year (so far) for the tomatoes. It's mid-August and tomatoes are ripening at a rapid rate.  Trust me, I'm not complaining about eating tomatoes at every meal because soon enough they will be a distant memory and the greenhouse/imported varieties pale in comparison to the gems ripening in the back garden.

We planted several heirloom varieties and are already planning next years crop. Yellow grapes, pears, green zebras and a striped german (the dark orange one with the pink blush - all pictured above) made fantastic salads and bruschetta toppings.

We started our Ferragosto meal with this blend of chopped tomatoes, dressed with salt and pepper, a smattering of herbs and a good glug of Sardegnian olive oil atop grilled bread. 

Buon Ferragosto everyone!


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