O Fiore Mio - Pizza!

A menu standard, naturally leavened dough, topped with buratta, prosciutto and drizzled with olive oil. 

Davide Fiorentini and Matteo Tambini have passion.   Their ristorante, lying between the cities of Faenza and Milano Marittima, is where something magical is created.  Their team (that extends beyond the establishment walls) has taken water and flour, time and temperature, and sourced the perfect complement of ingredients for each and every dish. 

Their humble wood-fired pizza, starting with that simplest combination of water and flour, is truly a creation borne of that passion.  They select their ingredients: flour, cheeses, meats, fruit and olive oils specific to each of the pizzas. Fruit seems the odd man out here on the chestnut flour pizza base (below), it was no more out out of place than the cheese topping.  As well, their fruit supplier (pictured below) grows an astronomical number of varieties of apples and pears with minimal to no intervention that are the perfect source of natural yeasts from which the dough is made. 

Seasonal chestnut flour base, Raveggiolo, crisp speck and pear (cooked in red wine) drizzled with vino cotto & olive oil.
Beautiful fruit - a great source of natural yeast and breakfast the next day!.
Sumptuous Raveggiolo.
 I didn't get to visit the restaurant (this trip) but lucky for me, this session was a new addition to the 2014 Terra Madre.  Held in the Sala Pizza e Pane or the 'Kiln', it is one that, if attendance is any measure, I am sure will continue.  Thank you to Sr. Fiorentini, Sr. Tambini, their chefs and producers for showcasing their naturally leavened doughs topped with ingredients chosen with care.  Paired with selected sparkling wines from northern Piedmont  - pizza like no other. 

The Team: proprietors, chefs, producers, and lucky participants.


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