Insalata di rucola

slightly overgrown, but tender and tasty , rucola.. in inglese, arugula.
I have a garden.  In that garden are these little leaves. They take minimal work to plant and tend. 

Even less effort to harvest.

In a garden planter, this is easy as.

Unlike the broccoli, peas and beans, this arugula hasn't been eaten by the bugs, local rabbits or that elusive groundhog yet.  And even though it should have been picked a day or so earlier, it is still tender and peppery delicious.

I know alot of people don't particularly like arugula.   And that's less than fair.  when young and tender, arugula's typical peppery bite is only a nibble and benefits from a little love. Love from salty prosciutto, from a simple oil & lemon dressing and lots of grana or parm.  You will wonder why you don't buy or grow arugula more often. 

For more amore: top pizza hot from the oven with any of the smoky speck, savoury bresaola or rich delectable stracchino, then Jackson Pollock some arugula over the top.   For the idea of an artful smattering of arugula, thank you La Terrazza (on Lago Mergozzo, VB) for the inspiration.

Arugula has potential for flavour mates aplenty. Use nut oils, add pears or savour what Saveur suggests for this great green.  GialloZafferano also has some spectacular suggestions. 



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