A salad to share


Perfect for sharing with a classic crusty Italian loaf and vino. In the sun, naturalmente.
Vibrant tomatoes after a few days of sun.
I'm really appreciating Mother Nature's generousity with the sun over the past few days.  Not only do we have ripening tomatoes (yay!), we are able to enjoy the results in the sun.  I do carry on about the virtues of the tomato salad most of the late summer but it simply one of the seasonal pleasures that cannot be replicated with a greenhouse tomato. *Sigh*
After the first and only rule: no vinegar, it's an easy arrangement really.  Tomatoes, your favourite eating variety (above are yellow pears, green zebras, German yellow and another heirloom red) a good smattering of dried oregano, salt and pepper, torn basil to taste (but be generous), half a red onion (rinsed and sliced to preference) and a good glug or two or more of your favourite olive oil.  This might not be the place for your favourite peppery finishing oil, but any southern Italian or French oil would do.  Only prerequisite for me is that it's got to taste like sunshine.  To accompany, I'm liking some vino rosato or rosé lately, a lovely Sandbanks version or a easy going Grenache from the south of France. 
Grab any sturdy loaf of bread (torn into chunks or sliced and grilled as you like it) and find a sunny spot to enjoy your work.  You could also grill some chicken, add some tuna or fresh mozzarella di bufala (Festival in Stirling this weekend!)and you have a perfect lunch or light dinner.
Buon appetito!


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