Summery sodas

Tassoni soda and Calabresi Cedro di Diamante.
The Italian range of amari (bitters) are a summer favourite here at la tavola. Versatile and refreshing Crodino, Campari and Averna are suited to a slice of lemon, cocktails, as a digestivo on a warm nights.  However, if bitter is not your thing, don't fret. To say that Italy has its share of sweeter bevvies is an understatement.

Here is a great example.  Cedrata is not too sweet and the slightly perfumed sour citrus is an interesting combination, Tassoni has been making this soda since 1956 and their signature citron syrup since 1920.

And luckily, albeit only stateside for the moment, they are available on this side of the pond.

We also use it as a mixer.. ahh summer.


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