A Greek Easter

The Greeks know a thing or two about sweets and do up Easter in fine fashion. Along with the traditional Italian treats, I also made Homebaking's version of these cookies, Christine's melomakarona, and Alton's yummy baklava.

Having given up chocolate for Lent.. these citrusy sugar-dusted shortbreads, nutty delights and honey soaked triangles are suitable substitutes in the short term.

This post is a little behind but I hope it finds you, dear reader, having had a most blessed Easter.


Barbara said…
Wonderful Mary. I made these for my (Greek)oncologist for Christmas
Mary said…
Hi Barbara and thank you. I think they are a nice present too.
Nigel Olsen said…
Mary, how's it going? How's your littlie?
Mary said…
Hi Nigel,
All good thanks. He's starting to go mobile so the pace is picking up. Makes me wonder what I used to do with all my time!
Great to hear from you and glad to see you are fitting some posts into your busy schedule.

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