Blood Oranges

I love local food. Fruits and veg, locally raised meats and farmhouse cheese, speciality products.. even peanuts! But certain times of year, there are some imported goodies that are hard to give up.

Blood oranges from the peninsula country, Italy. If you've ever had these purple flecked oranges with their jewel flecked interiors, you know what I'm talking about.

These, along with cactus pears (wonderful pics here) and abate pears, are delicious treats at Christmastime.

Hope this Christmas finds everyone well and happy and may your New Year be full of life's delectable treats.

Buon anno a tutti!


Nigel Olsen said…
Mary, how's it all going? I scored some blood oranges tht came in from Oz - they were expensive despite being the last of the season & a bit raggedy, but it was better than nothing. I made a tiny batch of marmalade & sum cordial syrup - they're a marvellous fruit! Hope you're all well :)
Mary said…
All's well here Nigel, getting used to the sleep deprivation :)
I'm hoping for a Christmas in Italy in a few years to see how these taste at their peak closer to the source. My cousin makes a concentrate and a liqueur (think limoncello but with blood oranges). It's very tasty and can sneak up on you in the August heat.
Hope all's great with you.

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