Aglio e olio

The simpliest pasta dish. Homegrown garlic and oil.. d'oliva, naturalmente. It's the place to showcase the best pasta you can find.

I'd picked up the latest PC offering in the fresh pasta department. I'm usually skeptical of supermarket fresh pastas, often finding them too heavy, gluey or poorly flavoured. Not so this time. These were pretty good noodles.

An easy sizzle of garlic and chiles in olive oil tossed with tagliolini. When you want to forgo a little preparation in favour of sharing the meal together, this (along with some leftover sautéed greens) is an easy dinner for busy new parents.



Nigel Olsen said…
Merry Christmas, Mary! All the best to you & your family :)
Mary said…
Thank you Nigel, and wishes for the same. Hope this Christmas finds you and yours happy and healthy!

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