A proper date scone

Whenever I hear the term " proper" referring to food, it makes me think of a simple or homestyle version of whatever is being deemed as a "proper" this or that.  Often, it's the old, traditional stand-bys that are mucked up with some flash addition or fancified inclusion that leaves us with a hankering for the proper way, that is, however our mum, auntie or nana might have made it.

This is THE scone recipe I follow when not using my standby Edmonds cookbook version (Arfi at HomeMadeS been baking these too) or the luxe Donna Dooher (previously of Mildred Pierce and now of Temple Kitchen fame) recipe to which I add a cup of chopped dates, a smattering of grated lemon zest and a pinch of cinnamon.

 Any of these make a perfect breakfast or delectable treat and as Mildred says,

"There's no such thing as a lowfat scone".

Just to make sure, please pass the butter.


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