Ok, so this isn't a photo of their award winning winery, it's the woolshed. But a better angle to reflect on the stunning stillness (not perfectly still, but still enough) and light of a late Central Otago autumn afternoon.
We did a tasting in the Mother Ship. Warm toasty Pinot noir to warm the bones of weary travellers. The tasting area overlooks the barrel room and has some great seating so you can do it all in comfort.. lovely riesling as well.
Previously, I'd been there for a Shapeshifter concert two years before. As if you needed another reason to go to Central Otago, the summer concert series is a perfect way to take in a great Kiwi band or two.. sitting on the hill and sipping a sublime wine (or a skillfullly crafted local beer) in this stunning natural ampitheatre.


Barbara said…
Stunning photo Mary.
Nigel said…
What's all this about you becoming a mum?! Congratulations!
Mary said…
Thank you Barbara. It's hard not to take a nice picture anywhere in Central. And we had amazing weather. Very good to hear from you.

Thank you Nigel.. I figure the tramping boots will only be set aside temporarily, he'll be big enough for hos own soon enough. Nice to see you posting again.

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