French toast and grilled peaches

Something about bright colours and breakfast. I had some leftover wholemeal bread that I always use for french toast and I'd been thinking about using a punnet of blueberries to enhance some maple sirup. However after getting a look at the baskets of peaches covering endless tabletops at the market this morning, I had other ideas. It is getting toward the end of peach season so there are always a few that are perfect for the grill.

French toast at our house takes many forms depending on the season. Varying from a simple, weekend treat with fruit and sirup to a more elaborate stuffed holiday version accompanied by thick cream, preserved berries and their lovely liqueuered juices, french toast makes an ordinary Saturday morning special and a special Saturday even moreso.

You can whip up soaked bread just before you plan to cook for an easy spur of the moment breakfast or make it up the night before and have it ready to go from the fridge. The latter option is great when an early morning is a guarantee.

This morning, however, after seeing the brilliant golden interiors of these Red Haven peaches. it was a last minute inspiration that coincided with a planned grill session and just in time for A Taste of Yellow. A few beaten eggs, splash of milk, a pinch of cinnamon and little grated orange zest and juice make a lovely bath for the thick sliced wholemeal loaf.

The toast can either be cooked stovetop or in the oven (great for large batches) but I simply fried the bread this morning while the peaches were given a turn on the grill. We were already heating the outdoor grill this morning for some tomatoes and peppers that would be salsa later on. If grilling isn't an option, a quick turn under the broiler or in the same frypan are easy, and just as tasty, alternatives.

With the bread golden brown pefection, I remove it to a plate. They sirup is simple as adding a little peach juice and maple syrup to the still hot pan, just to warm through, and tossing in the grilled peaches to coat.

Pour peaches and sirup over the bread and it's to the table.


It is with much gratitude to Barbara that I post this in recognition of her hard work and inspiring attutude that make A Taste of Yellow into the meaningful event that it is.

To further raise awareness, this link is to a site and video that I hope will remind Ontarians and all Canadians that we have one of the top 5 Cancer treatment facilities in the world in Toronto. The Princess Margaret Hospital, like similar centers, do amazing work because people care enough to donate their time, money and energy be it in events like A Taste of Yellow, walks, runs and cycling events. So little from so many makes all the difference to those that need it.


Barbara said…
Wish I could pop over and share breakfast with you Mary. It looks wonderful and I love peaches. Thank you for supporting A Taste of Yellow.
Mary said…
Anytime Barbara, I've preserved some gorgeous 'babygolds' so we can have peaches even if it is in the midst of a snowy Arctic blast. Thank you for hosting and I look forward to the roundup.

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