Flexible fritters

Autumn, like spring, is yardwork time. The end of colourful blooms, harvesting vegetables and putting the finishing touches on some much needed renovations.

Thankfully, that list of tasks comes with some neighbourly help. There is a group of us that, when there is work to be done, are always available to help. It's still work but with a good dose of socialising, snacks and dinner in the mix for balance.

We were expecting a damp day, not terribly cool but just enough so that you could be comfortable working in the yard. You might, however, keep a light jumper handy and partake of a little something sweet for sustenance.

So, I'd mixed up a batch of fritters (aka doughnuts) the night before to get us started. The dough is quite remarkable in the sense that it allows you to mix up tender yeast dough in the evening, proof overnight in the refrigerator and have lovely light fritters in time for coffee. I put a pot of coffee on and got to the business of frying.

Coffee-glazed Fritters

I don't use the instant espresso powder called for in the recipe, rather a 1/4 c of stovetop espresso (omit other liquid) works just fine. These are light textured, bordering on fluffy and with a delicate sweet coffee glaze. Good for a cool spring day and perfect if you feel your morning tea is lacking in the sugar department.



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