Strawberries have arrived!

Finally. Without a doubt, the most recognisable sign that spring is becoming summer, as roadside asparagus disappears, is the arrival of the first strawberries.

The amount of rain and lack of continuous sunshine to date has done nothing to assist but they are here nonetheless. I picked up a flat for freezing and also made some fruit based remedy to help with the current increase in temperature. Nothing goes with blue skies and 28C like strawberry granita.

Blend a quart of berries with the sweetener of your choice and sieve to remove seeds if you prefer. I like to remove them as they seem to multiply in this dessert (or settle to the bottom). I also like a bit of lime (I love lime) and a bit of spirit to further depress the freeezing point of the mixture. Any of tequila, rum or vodka would work, and just a tablespoon or so, as I don't want it to take over the flavour of the fruit, however, that is completely a personal preference and can be done to taste.

At this point, you can either churn the mixture in a home ice cream maker and allow it to set up in the freezer to make it more scoopable or you can set it in a tray and scrape with a fork or spatula every hour or so until set.



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