Roll call

Dinner rolls, brushed with butter, awaiting the oven (16/10/08).

Dinner rolls are something I always look forward to when I visit home. Tender, fluffy morsels that adorn the dinner table, always on special occasions and sometimes just when Ma felt like it. Their aromatic goodness fills the air and I know these are on the menu before I even get in the door.

Although they aren't a traditional staple for the Calabrese table, I decided to make them the other morning for a little something different for World Day of Bread and also because I' ve seen my suocero put away a few of these at festive events held at various banquet halls. For him, I suppose these seem almost cake-like in comparison to the bread roll to which he is accustomed.

Enriched with milk, butter and egg yolk, these are slightly reminiscent of brioche and are lovely with preserves for breakfast they day after they are made. Still, they aren't sweet and are very good for soaking up gravy from a weeknight roast as we did.



Recipe for Ma's milk rolls to follow.


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