Taste of Yellow 2008

The growth of A Taste of Yellow is wonderful to see.
This year I looked at the brilliant yellow yolks of some local eggs for inspiration. And while I was wondering how to showcase their talent, I made an omelette.

And it was a lovely autumn day. So an absolute stunner of a Sauvignon blanc was in order.

Kumeu River Sauvignon blanc is a particular favourite this year. The flavour and aroma are positively loaded with tropical fruit notes, crisp acidity and it has a good palate weight which makes it great with food. The capsicum and goat feta filling of this omelette was quite nice with the wine.

But dinner was looming and although the day was so warm you'd have thought it summer, upon nightfall, you know autumn is definitely here. So dinner was looking like it would have to be something slightly more comforting.

When I am in comfort food mood, soup is the answer. When I picked up the latest copy of the Australian Gourmet Traveller, there was an old friend.

Stracciatella. A great soup. Simple and the bigger bowl you can find the better. More soup for you.

I adapted the recipe to taste and will post it shortly. It is a basic egg drop soup with glorious parmigiano reggiano and egg 'noodles' that are suspended in homemade chicken broth. I infused a few strands of saffron into it, as per AGTs suggestion, for even more of the colour du jour.

However, how it looked will have to remain a mystery as my camera decided it was a good day to go on strike.. leaving me with only a shot of the ingredients.

Best to Barbara and all those who LiveStrong everyday. I'd like to thank her for all her hard work in hosting this event.


Barbara said…
Sounds wonderful Mary. Great to have your late entry. Thank you for your lovely words and for your support of LiveSTRONG With A Taste Of Yellow..

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