Sunset from Mt. Stewart

Who can possibly concentrate on writing a thesis when this is the competing view from my desk??


Shaun said…
Mary ~ It is great that you allow yourself breaks in which to soak up such glorious views. The thesis will get done in the time in needs. I was greatly relieved to hand mine in December, but I find now that I miss the intensity of academic pursuit. At least now I have time to cook whenever I want and not feel guilty for it - if only I could muster the energy to post regularly! I'm cheering for you from the sidelines...
Mary said…
Thank you Shaun, and a big congratulations on your thesis completion. Whether I will miss it or not, remains to be seen.. but I can't wait for the chance to find out!! I do know what you mean about missing it (stress and all!) and I'll continue along with, hopefully, more enjoyable pursuits (like finishing my sommelier certificate!).
Hope you are enjoying your time to cook guilt-free.. and I look forward to having time to read about it as well!!
So Simple said…
Excuse my ignorance where is Mt Stewart? Just got your comment on my Bluff oyster post. They are really brilliant.
And your comment gave me a chance to visit you. Looking good.
Mary said…
Hello Madam So. Had you asked me a year ago, I wouldn't have known either :-)
Mt. Stewart and Mt. Biggs are in the Manawatu, 5km in from Sanson and 7km from Feilding. From the State highway, they are little more than a little rise in the road as you are coming into Palmerston North from Wanganui.
I'm not posting or reading (or doing anything remotely fun) as often as I'd like during the thesis crunch. Having said that, I've just been on a road trip around the South island, so I had to get a little caught up (justified, right?) and your mention of oysters caught my attention. They are a true delicacy.

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers.
So Simple said…
Mary, we did the road trip of the South Island in November.
It was sensational.
On our way south we stopped in at Bunnythorpe and had a weekend there with friends. Didn't see Mt Stewart though, maybe on the next visit. It looks wonderful.
Cheers Gilli
Mary said…
Hi Gilli,
If you were at Bunnythorpe, you were a mere 15 minutes away. It is more of a rolling hill than a 'mountain' but the surrounding views: cloud formations, rainbows, and sunsets.. are really something. The weather doesn't just change, you can see it coming.
Hope you get back soon,

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