Petit Munster

Petit perfection. As many flatmates (present and former) can attest, I love a good stinky cheese and much to some of their dismay, I am always willing to share.

Except maybe this wee cheese. At 125 grams, it is a tempting morsel but is still beyond what I would consume per sitting. Perfect with bread for two or three people.

This has all your typical munster characteristics. It is pungent and reminiscient of hay, sweet with a rich buttery mouthfeel and aftertaste. The cat's litterbox (!) was mentioned when I first removed it from its paper but that high 'barny' note soon became muted as it sat for about an hour prior to tasting.

The washed rind has a few slightly grainy crystals on the slightly sticky surface but nothing beyond normal.



Barbara said…
ohhh yum.
hhhmm sex on a cheese board.
Mary said…
Hi Barbara, it's good stuff. Kind of like champagne.. once it's open you can't really save any of it for later.

You're right Kieran, it's one sexy cheese. And at the going rate.. I could see how they could be confused! Get any in at your shop??
Paul Sharp said…
ahhhh Munster. I'm going there in a few weeks time, I think I'm more excited about the cheese then the wine.
No we don't have Munster, in the ball park we have Pont l'Eveque, Ramara, Kaimai Washed Rouge, Te Mata Irongate, and a new French one I have just ranged called Le Coeur d'Arras.
Mary said…
Hi Paul,

I'm not away as far as that anytime soon but a much needed restorative trip to Martinborough is on for the weekend. Look forward to hearing about your travels!

Hi Kieran,
That selection sounds good to me! Definitely keen to try more of the local selection as well.. Will you be in at all on the weekend? Might pop in to get some provisions for a trip to Martinborough.
I was there Saturday, sham the weather didn't hold out for your weekend.
Mary said…
Hi Kieran,
Sorry to have missed you. The weekend was great in spite of a little rain. Certainly can't complain, we've had a great run of sun and soaring temperatures.

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