Buona Pasqua 2008!

Accompanied by amazing weather in nearly all regions of New Zealand, Easter is earlier than it has been in years. No complaints here because it gives the opportunity to get in some tramping in fine conditions as opposed to the ever-so-fun soggy slog it can be.

I made a return visit to Taranaki, a place I dearly love, and tramped the Pouakai Circuit. The scenery was breathtaking and the company (locals love to play in their National Park) along the way was as wonderful as ever. If you go, sit back and enjoy their knowledge of the area, it's better than any guidebook.

With the lights of New Plymouth twinkling below, the full moon illuminated the skirt of the mountain, playing off the silvery leaves, casting shape and shadow. I reclined on my pack holding a cuppa.. that's when Easter chocolate tastes best.

Photo of Taranaki to follow.

Happy Easter to all.


creampuff said…
Happy Easter and Happy Spring to you, Mary!
Barbara said…
Hope your Easter was fun. Love the idea of leaning back on your pack and looking at the lights while eating chocolate. And not having to worry about snakes.
Mary said…
Hi Creampuff, Thank you and Happy Easter top all in Creampuff household. Autumn here but with the glorious weather, you'd never guess!

Hi Barbara, yes, good fun. Still some effort required but on the whole, the weather, the view and the feeling of accomplishment (aka screaming hamstrings) can't be beat. The lack of snakes in the underbrush is a definite bonus!

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