Eggplant fritters

Or fritelle di melanzane, or milangiane fritte in dialect, these golden eggplant studded fritters are very similar to patei AND they are tasty bits to have with beer.

Also delicious is this version, by Alex and Mari at Cuoche dell'altro mondo. So good in fact, they were gobbled up before I remembered to take a photo. I'll definitely be making them again in a few days when we celebrate the Festa di San Martino.

Festa di San Martino is the day we taste the new wine, il vino novello. Although traditionally, acompanied only by castagne arrosto, the menu will include a big bowl of olives, lupini, eggplant fritters, pasta and rapini, good bread and some cheese. A few slices of raw fennel will help to make room for the aforementioned roasted chestnuts, which I seem to be able to fit in no matter what.

All of us who made wine this year will be gathering for the festa.. I know it is hardly picnic weather but we'll be in the shed round the wood burner, roasting chestnuts and remembering the warm days of winemaking season.


Anonymous said…
yum - I would be right over if distance wasn't an issue:-)

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