Increase your happiness

No, this is not more spam promising happiness through drugs that claim to increase the size of any part of your (or anyone else's) anatomy. I have always known that cheese makes me happy so I am not surprised to find others who also believe this to be true. Now you can enjoy this phenomena and be more likely to find happiness than the general population. The solution is as simple as eating cheese, a magical cheese: Le Chevrot.

A spectacular natural rind cheese made in the Poitou region of the Loire valley, it's densely structured paste is a multitude of subtle nuances yet still remarkably robust. The flavour of ths cheese languishes beautifully on the palate even in it's youth (as the one pictured above). As this living and breathing cheese ages, the aroma and taste profile becomes more pronounced. Though firm, it may also begin to 'droop' a bit, looking like the exterior rind is slowly falling off. Regardless of whatever stage you prefer, Chevrot sings with Sancerre or my favourite, Clos Henri Sauvignon Blanc.


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