This is Laguiole. It is a very old style French cheese originally made in a large drum shaped cylinder in the Massif Central. Laguiole takes its name from a village on the plateau of Aubrac. This geographical area is important to the cows that graze there as it greatly contributes to the flavour and flavour development of the cheese as it ages.

More information on the use and serving of Laguiole is available here.

This cheese will vary from ivory to yellow and can have a spotted rind depending on its age. When ripe, the sourish note of the youthful laguiole will become more rounded, savoury and pronounced. At 6 months maturity it is as complex, nutty and with a depth of flavour as any of the world's great cheeses.


Paul Sharp said…
Thats a favorite of mine.

Slightly different topic but I have a really good locally produced washed rind. Pukepoto is the producer and the cheese is called Puheke Sunrise. only about $7 and I've seen it in supermarkets locally. Very pungent.
Mary said…
Thanks Paul,
I'm always up for new cheese and will keep an eye out for that one.
Paul Sharp said…
There is also a good washed rind from by an out fit called te mata. Not sure if they are related to the winery but they are from the hawkes bay

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