L'ultimo baci

The last kiss..

It is official, the last of the Christmas candy is finally gone. (Well, almost, give me ten minutes). I wasn't going to buy any knowing full well that I'd be the one eating most of it. I thought it would be better to make a few decent meals instead. Thesis writing doesn't always lend to that kind of time but, according to my flatmates, I still do remarkably well.

Not going to buy any.. Yeah, that so didn't happen. I was making a quick trip to the supermarket and spotted (a damn good spot if I may say so) a little bag of Baci tucked into a large display of imported Christmas goodies. "Baci" means kisses and they are lovely little Italian chocolates by Perugina/Nestle.

To describe them as lovely is a little understating the fact. They are scrumptious little hazelnut truffle-like morsels with crushed hazelnuts throughout, a whole hazelnut on top and enrobed in dark chocolate. Enrobed. Not covered or dipped, enrobed.

Another neat thing about 'baci" is the little proverb writted on the inside of the wrapper.. like a small fortune cookie but better. Things like: "Perche parlare? Tutto l'amore si dice in un bacio." (Why talk? Love is spoken in a kiss.) Or, "Per cogliere tutto il valore della gioia devi avere qualquno con cui condividerla." (To get the full value of love, you have to have someone to share it with).

And my favourite.. "Quando una freccia e incoccata sull'arco, prima o poi bisogna scoccarla." (When the arrrow is primed on the bow, sooner or later it must be unleashed.)

All that and chocolate too.

Perhaps they should read.. "Ogni amore ha la sua pena." Meaning "Every love has it's pain." Until next year sweet kiss.


Barbara said…
Baci - my favourite chocolates.
Barbara said…
I've tagged you for a meme

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