Happy Canada Day

Well, the holiday weekend isn't giving much of a good show weather-wise.. although we've had our fair share of sunshine lately, it would be good if it fronted up for a few days off.  We've got a long weekend, combining the Canada day Friday and the July 4th (USA) holiday Monday.

So there's still time for improvement.

To celebrate, we'll have the typical homemade sausage fest later on tonight paired with good friends, good vino and fireworks.  To tide us over until then, lunch is simple fare.

 In our garden, melanzane (eggplant) are still small purple flowers.  These stuffed melanzane are made from the last of those in Nonna's freezer from last years crop.  Filled with the meat, the roasted eggplant flesh, cheese and herbs and then fried, they are a savoury treat.  Along with a good breadroll, a few preserved olives and a glass of vino, we'll make it to dinner.

Mangia! and a Happy Canada Day to all!


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