Caciocavallo di Ciminà

No shortage of samples from friendly producers at Terra Madre 2014.
Caciocavallo has been made in the province of Calabria for many years and is easily recognisable by it's traditional shapes (an elongated egg shape or the form with the two knots at each end).  Techniques of manufacture of this classic are similar across the region but, as an agricultural product, show the typical diversity resulting from differences in the breeds selected, particular pastures, climate, and, of course, the cheesemaker.

In Ciminà, kid's rennet and, frequently, a portion of goats milk are used.  The typical forms of Caciocavallo are aged for about a month but that can vary depending on a size of the forms which range from 400 grams up to three kilograms. Smaller forms are perfect for local markets but larger sizes, best suited for longer aging, allow for export, the expansion of the industry and are a great resource for the small commumes where they are made.   

Cheese from Ciminà is a Slowfood Presidium.  as such, this project supports quality traditional products, the small scale producers who make them, and their associated communities.
What to do with this wonderful cheese? With it's flavours of grass, buttercups and gentle nuttiness, Caciocavallo is a table cheese like no other. A bit of wine, walnuts, salami and good company.. Mangia!  


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