Smoke Part 1

My husband smokes.  I make him go outside, regardless of the weather.  But he insists. 

I don't object.  Afterall, I bought him the smoker.

Without a smoker, it's not impossible to recreate Kielbasa, a traditional and favourite sausage of our Polish neighbours, but having one makes the process easier.  At Christmas, while we are gearing up for January salami season, we are typically also planning some experiments.  A few years ago, kielbasa was one of them.  We shared it with our neighbours and a new tradition was born.

While I can only take credit for recipe development and some of the spicing and dicing, he does all the outside work.  So I have slices of this still warm ready with a baguette and a bottle conditioned belgian beer.  I find the spicy fruitiness in the brew compliments the smokey peppery sausage.  A great warming start to lunch after the tending in sub zero temperatures. 

Because baby, it's been polar vortex cold outside.

Keep warm Canada.


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