The Sangiorgio recipe project

San Giorgio Morgeto, RC

I am working with my suocera to compile some recipes.  I won't call them 'Italian' (obviously, I think the regionality of Italy is well-established), sort of Calabrese, but mostly Sangiorgese 'recipes' or the variants of common local/regional dishes made with her San Giorgio (and now, after nearing 40 years, a Canadian) twist.  It is a work in progress, a mission to save and preserve things that I do not want lost.  Spring (and this book) has inspired me and my suocera seems to have gotten over being bothered my desire to weigh and measure and write more detailed instructions.  Is it possible that I've become more stubborn and she has become less so? Hmm. 

Will I extract measurements and methods from this wise old woman?  We'll see. 

The names of some of the dishes, I am not even entirely sure how to spell given that the dialect is more of a spoken language and, what I have seen written, defies rules of traditional Italian.  It is a very old language, a precursor to Italian with Arabian, French and Greco influences shared with Sicilia and Sardegna. So bear with me and if you have a suggestion, for the words, spelling or a recipe - I know there are Calabrese far and wide around this planet, please let me know.

The first installment is in the works.  We're in the process of picking a day, deciding what we are going to cook and then, getting the ingredients.  I am long and inexcusably overdue to post about a certain cookie recipe so that might be a good place to start.

Looking forward to sharing the discoveries. 


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