Buona pasqua 2013

In our house, Pasqua means visiting, family dinner and sweets.  The visits happen after Easter Sunday mass,  family dinner always involves homemade pasta and lamb and 'sweets' run the gamut from traditional columba and a variety of fried treats.  Company usually drops in for an espresso after the main event so it is always nice to have a nice mix on the dessert menu.  

I'd only ever made soffioni di ricotta once before and I'd been brainstorming a way to eat more ricotta (I love ricotta) so that was no contest.  And while I don't have access to the ethereal ewes milk version (yet), I do have a local shop within walking distance that brings in fresh whole cow's milk ricotta every other day.  Have one look at MuccaSbronza's soffioni di ricotta and you'll be feeling the ricotta love too. They are that gorgeous.  
I was also inspired to make an old stand-by, tiramisu, when I noticed Galbani brand mascarpone at the local deli (they only carry it occasionally) - definitely a sign.   So I also made Mamma Papera's Tiramisu.  Her photos are infinitely more beautiful, and mine, well.. not so much.  But this recipe is a keeper.  Made a day ahead of time, it sets up beautifully and flavoured with my favourite (Amaretto diSaronno) and a bit of rum (my suocera's secret favourite - got to keep Mamma happy too), it was a treat indeed.    

Why don't I have any pictures save for the one I took with my phone?  Between getting a  13 x 9-inch baking pan (that's 32.5 x 23-centimeters) chokka full of tiramisu, a tray full of soffioni and a helpful 3 year old (carrying an equally disastrous combination - cocoa and powdered sugar!) out the door, I didn't take any.  And once I joined the wonderful chaos and commotion that is dinner at Nonna's house, I completely forgot until it was on the plate.       

Grazie Mucca Sbronza e Mamma Papera for your contributions to our Easter Feast.

Buona pasqua a tutti!. 


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